Its been close to 6 months since I’ve been awarded a YogisHeart Scholarship and my development in yoga has grown up as I have. Meditation is still a tricky and complex skill to obtain, my efforts have shown definite improvement. I realized that with meditation patience is a virtue. I learned to go at my on pace and watch the magic unfold. Meditation has also helped me with my focus is school. Being a general science major it is easy to say that courses can be arduous. However, meditation helped to ease my mind.

In my yoga practice, I have been moving towards more advanced classes and poses as well as inversions. Hand stands and forearm stands really invite a cleansing energy within the body and to incorporate that within my practice is very exciting. I learned how to do a scorpion which is fun. Overall my time at the studio is always fun and supportive.

Love is constantly flowing and with that I am finding my yoga.


~Carlos Olivares