I was thinking of a really cool way to start off this blog. Should I use a quote? Song lyrics? Should I be uber spiritual, and work in some Sanskrit words? Probably not, because I don’t even know many Sanskrit words. I do know one word, though, and that’s Namaste. As I was contemplating my life-changing blog starter, I started to roll the word around in my mouth. Namaste. Na-ma-ste. I found myself focusing on the last syllable, ste or STAY.

When I think of the word stay I think of patience. I typically say that I have none of that, but the truth is that I really do have the ability to stay. Receiving the Yogis Heart Scholarship and living my life’s journey (so far) has shown me that I am here, I am here to stay, and I have the ability to stay put until life goes the way it is supposed to.


I applied for the Yogis Heart Scholarship last June, and received it in July, right around my 20th birthday. I was ecstatic. Amy Jean Pastore, one of my first yoga teachers and a true friend, called me up and gave me the awesome news. I was a little shell shocked, and my response was a foggy, “Thanks…?” Two minutes later I was hyperventilating: I was going to have the opportunity to dig deeper and practice unlimited yoga for an entire year! That’s crazy! I immediately started investigating which studio I wanted to practice at and I was met with a dilemma. My parents live in New Jersey, where I was living at the time, but I would be soon moving to Manhattan.  What was I going to do?


Well, what I did was I stayed; I stayed in the moment. I trusted that things were going to work out and that I would make the right decision, one way or another. And you know what? Things did work out. Miraculously, Alison McCue and Seth Weisberg decided to open a Hoboken location of Garden State Yoga, which is very accessible to me in the city. This was ideal. I would have a studio near my parents’ home and a studio where I lived! Furthermore, the Hoboken location was set to open in Fall of 2013, just when school was starting. Perfect!

I started the school semester super positive, trusting that the Hoboken GSY studio would open within a few weeks and I would be on my way. It did not quite happen that way. Because we live in the real world, and life happens, the studio took a bit longer to open than anticipated. Month after month, the GSY Hoboken’s Grand Opening was postponed. I started to get really despondent and antsy. Having not practiced asana in a while, I worried that I was losing my yogi status. But here’s the thing: just because I was not practicing asana does not mean that I was not practicing yoga. There are eight limbs of yoga, and asana is just one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE asana, but I realized that because I waited, because I participated in the stay of Namaste, I was practicing yoga. Receiving the scholarship was like a birthday present, but recognizing my ability to NamaSTAY? Now THAT is a real gift.


I officially started my Yogis Heart Scholarship at GSY in January, upon the opening of the Hoboken studio. Since then I have tried out every single teacher at the studio and made a host of new friends. I feel so lucky that I stayed. I feel so lucky that I have a community that bolsters me and promotes wellness. I feel so lucky that I get to practice yoga on a regular basis! I appreciate my current asana so much more because I stayed, and I feel lucky to have been given that opportunity.  NAMASTE!!!!


~ Elinor