Dec 11, 2014

How cool is this? High School English teacher Stefanie Gross (pictured right) noticed how stressed out her students had become in her class. It was affecting their grades and the quality of their lives. Also a yoga instructor, Stefanie started doing 5 minutes of breathing with them at the beginning of class and a 5-minute savasana at the end. A little yoga turned into a lot. It was so helpful and popular that Stefanie started a free after school yoga club that went from 10 kids to 200.

Soon after, she created a curriculum and convinced her principal to offer classes during the school day. Her non-profit, Move Through Yoga, was born. Now she offers free classes to teenagers in a few different schools in her area of Boca Raton, Florida. Check them out on Instagram at #MTYyogis.

Trella Dolgin (pictured right), our Yogi’s Heart founder, and Stefanie Gross–both with similar missions to give access to yoga for young people–needed to meet! So they did this summer, and a true partnership and friendship was born.

Yogi’s Heart is happy to offer two one-year yoga scholarships to Move Through Yoga students in Florida this December and in February, 2015. Stay tuned, and we’ll tell you more about the recipients!

In the meantime, here’s what Stefanie had to say about Move Through Yoga when she talked to me recently:

Kristen Kemp: How would you explain Move Through Yoga to people you just meet?
Stefanie Gross: We offer a dynamic full-year, yoga elective that has three focal points: moving through yoga and sitting in meditation, understanding anatomical issues to move through yoga safely, and teaching life skills including coping mechanisms and the ability to be introspective. In essence students, who move through yoga, move through life.

KK: What is the goal of what you do?
SG: I would love to see MTY in every high school nationwide. When schools prioritize graduating mind-body fit students they are preparing well-rounded, balanced students to be active participants in their future education endeavors, as well as in the world at large. Students who move through yoga have an undeniable greater sense of calm and confidence to move through the rest of their day–in and out of school.

KK: Tell me about the most rewarding part of your job.
SG: In the MTY classroom you literally witness daily change. To know that MTY has provided the means for high school students to tune in to their mind-body connections, and tune-out from all the hubbub–even for one period a day–is priceless.

Help make Stefanie’s dreams for teens come true and donate to Move Through Yoga today.