WOW, I can’t even believe what a year it’s been! . . . I’ve met some pretty incredible people who I feel utterly blessed, honored, privileged and grateful to have in my life. Essentially, it has been a year of monumental love, creation, realization and growth. I wrote a love letter to yoga that I wanted to share with you:

Dearest Yoga,

I feel so truly blessed that you have entered my life! When Nana introduced me to you, I was only 12. I was particularly interested with the girl who was bending in a way I didn’t know existed. I thought, “Wow I don’t know how I can do this, but one day, I will.” We went our separate ways for a while after, and for that I am sorry. When you came back into my life, I was ready to explore with you more. Ready to let you show me more of me and more of what I am capable of, despite my own belief. You were at my house almost daily, but that may have been too close for comfort. We needed some guidance to help us make it work.

Cue Yogis Heart. When my year of yoga began, I was really intimidated and you showed me this side of you that I have never seen before.  Regardless, I accepted you and all you had to offer me. Today I stand here in Tadasana, hands at my hearts center, so grateful that we have taken this journey together. You have come back home with me when studio time isn’t available and I am more comfortable with you than I ever have been. So comfortable in fact, that I see you multiple times a day. Thank you for sharing with me and for showing me my own effervescent light. I have seen some pretty amazing things happen in this practice we have and as the days go by, a beautiful shining soul is revealed to me more and more. Stunningly, Searchingly, Peacefully Beautiful is the way I now flow. My Breath moves, body moves, and I am on a cloud. You have showed me who I am and the love that I am capable of. Showed me that I was made to love and be loved, share love and give love. Made to feel and create and dance and laugh! You have showed me who. I. am. The world is better for you are a part of it, and the world is an even better place for you have showed me that I am such an important part of it as well. I have loved every minute we have shared together. Thank you for being a divine guiding light. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me next. Yoga, it is time I say those magic words to not only you, but myself and everyone that surrounds me. I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU.



One year on, my practice has expanded to depths and poses I never thought I would ever see myself doing. I have learned that it is not our bodies that are stiff, it is our minds. Yoga is not about a crazy circus gymnastics routine, it is a soul searching divine connection to life and beyond. The movements and poses are just there to guide us through and it is when we are connected that those amazing poses come.  Last year I was talking about tacos, and truth, this year the truth is I am far more patient, calm, compassionate, accepting and understanding than the being I was last year, or even a few months ago. But the thing I have learned the most through yoga, and more than once, is life’s most aphoristic and yet overlooked truth: Embrace everything that comes your way, as life would never give you anything you can’t handle. Never stress because everything will always, always work out the way it’s supposed to. And never, ever, ever take anything for granted, everything in life is a blessing, including those in disguise. And if it’s not immediately a blessing, it’s a lesson to make your life fuller. Never become jaded toward anything, take in all of life’s magic with the wonder and awe of a small child. Life is pretty effing special, and to quote Holden Caulfield; we’re damn lucky to be living it. Be absolutely grateful, GRATeful, GRATEFUL for everything in your day, because the world doesn’t owe you anything. When you step off your mat the true yoga begins. e m b r a c e it all and absolutely love life!

I can’t express my gratitude toward the beautiful humans at Yogis Heart who have given me such an amazing opportunity, and an amazing start to a wondrous yoga and life journey. Yogis Heart will forever be on top of my gratitude list. Keep an eye out because I have big BIG dreams manifesting. I have seen so much in one year, it brings me such joy and peace to know what is in store for this coming year. Brace yourselves; it’s going to be a good one. Big love, and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

The light in me so humbly bows down to the light in all of you,

Namaste and many OMs,

Bianca xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo